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School Health And Fitness
An Integrated School Health Program which addresses all the dimensions of a child's health (Mental & Physical Well-being)


Recent survey has indicated that the health of young people is strongly linked to their academic performance and academic success. Helping students stay healthy is a fundamental part of the mission of all Schools. Health related factors such as poor nutrition, chronic illness of physical and emotional abuse can lead to poor school performance. Health-risk behaviours such as substance use, violence and physical inactivity are consistently linked to affect student's school attendance, grades and ability to pay attention in the class. Our School Health Program is one of the most efficient means to reduce risk behaviours and prevent serious health problems among the students.


India being the World Capital for Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases, there is an immediate need to be brought in the healthcare system to prevent such diseases at a very early stage. With long working hours, weak support systems, sedentary lifestyle and poor food intake; there is enough proof of a direct linkage between lifestyle and disease. We believe that good health is as much as an investment like many other prized possessions that we have, and it is possible to retain the gift of good health and prevent lifestyle diseases. We believe this will happen when we've touched children, youngsters, adults and old people to be aware of health and prevent diseases.


Children at young age generally prefer to play a Sport which his or her best friend plays though he or she may not be good in that particular Sports. The objective of Our Program is to identify hidden raw talent among students at a very young age and guide them to excel in their sporting career which they may inspire. Further identification of Sporting Talent through scientific sports related tests and also fitness level of the student is of paramount importance to this program. The ultimate aim is to provide necessary infrastructure both physical as well as soft infrastructure (Coaching etc..) so that these talents ultimately culminate into significant performers at National and International Levels.

Customer Voice

"After attending your session, I really feel that its imperative for women to take care of themselves. Thanks for throwing light on 'Women's health' and let us be aware of diseases which we might not take seriously. Thank you once again." - Jyoti Kashyap, Associate Consultant, Oracle Financials
"Yesterday I attended the wellness session in our company. It was excellent session on Women health, Nutrition and Diet." - Veerabahu Nainar, McAfee
"It was a very good session on Nutrition and Diet I have gone through in Wellness Camp in Kolkata" - Saurabhansu, IBM India Pvt. Ltd