School Health and Fitness Program

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Our Program for Schools

  • Asha has an Integrated School Health and Fitness Program which addresses all dimensions of a child’s Health (Mental and Physical Well-being)
  • We help Schools to develop a Strategic School Health Management Program and Roadmap
  • Impart and reinforce important Life Skills
  • Develop the right Knowledge, Attitude and Skills tailored to each grade level
  • Motivates Student’s and Teacher’s

Our Unique "Five Point" Program for Schools

Health Screening Sports Fitness Assessment Parenting & Counseling Health Education Emergency Response Training (ERT)
General Health Check Accuracy Medical Stress Management Fire Drill Training
Oximetry / Anemia Agility Diet Vision Seminar Emergency & First Aiding Training
Spirometry Balance Lifestyle Oral Hygiene Seminar Disaster Management Drills
Vision Check Coordination Psychological Nutrition and Food Safety Accident Management Protocol
Oral Check Endurance Ergonomics Ergonomics Demonstration  
ENT Flexibility Parenting Workshop (for Parents) Sex Education (for High School)  
General Cardiac Health Check Power      
Height, Weight & Chest Measurement Speed      

PURE FITNESS - Yoga & Martial Arts

We offer fitness program in an extensive range of styles and disciplines. So whether your student is new to the fitness workout or already have experience, we will ensure they get the right module. The pure fitness program involve Yoga, Martial Arts and Personal Training. Whether you wish to improve your student’s Flexibility through Dance, Sports Activities or General Fitness and Well-being. These modules will help your students to strengthen the muscles and increase the range of movement.

DANCE FITNESS - Kids Zumba & Bollywood Fitness

The Dance Fitness program involves dance and aerobic elements. Using some techniques of the dancer form to improve and build Supple, Strong tendons and Muscles. The program covers a range of techniques which helps you Stretch Safely and Effectively, Improve your Posture and Achieve greater flexibility in your body.

Digital Signage Communications Solutions

Asha Wellness offers various ways of Digital Signage Communication Solutions which can be installed in your Schools Cafeteria, Reception, Common Passage, Corridors for displaying relevant health related tips and general information related to Schools Academic.
This solution can also be used of displaying other important information, such as School Notices, Weekly Monthly calendar etc…